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We’ve had the pleasure of taking part is several podcast, interviews and even a song inspired by our ethos. Each one unique and covers aspects often not shared in our weekly uploads. We’ll be adding any new audio content here.


“Don’t Buy a Couch” Song

A lovely Umanian Mike, put this little track together, inspired by our message. We can’t get it out of our heads now,

Don’t Buy a Couch Lyrics


September 2018

Southampton International Boat Show

While at the boat show, we met with a lovely gentlemen named Simon, who took the time to interview us at our hotel. It was a true pleasure to chat with him about our story and elements of which are rarely covered in typical interviews.

Hear and read more of his interviews on his website:


We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with a few podcast over the years, below you’ll find each of them.


Keep Your Day Dream: #58

Trisha interviewed us very early on, just after we bought a boat, but had no idea what to do with it. We were in Haiti working on a project to earn some more money before heading back to Florida and get to work fixing up our “new” boat.


The Sailing Podcast: #59

David caught up with us a few month into our refit. We spent a good hour chatting about our plans and goals for Uma.



Simplicity of Happiness: #145

Florian is a life coach in Germany with his own podcast highlighting positive stories of motivational people around the world. We had the pleasure of chatting with him while working on our boat at Just Catamarans.


September 2018

Practical Boat Owner Magazine

During our visit to the UK, we also had a chance to sail with our Patron Kass, and Rob from Practical Boat Owner, a well know UK Sailing Magazine. After the day of sailing and chatting, he did a write up in that months magazine.