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Concept Sketches

Not everything makes it into the final built project. We sketched ideas weeks, months, years in advance trying to figure out what will fit our needs best. We only start building something once the majority of the problems have been solved—at least, the major ones.

These sketches we made back when we were sailing in Puerto Rico around March of 2016—just after we installed the KECO cooler in the Dominican Republic.

Concept Model

Once the majority of the problems were solve, we modeled it in StechUp to make sure the ideas were going to work well within the dimensions of our boat.

Download: Galley SketchUp Model


The Build Out

After most things in the model worked well, we drafted a materials list and priced out what the job was going cost. We then made a series of adjustments based on local materials and money in our bank account. With this project we were very blessed with access to the Just Catamaran’s work shop and spare materials. We bought the Corin, tiles, sink and faucet, everything else they had lying around, free for us to use. Meaning the entire galley renovations cost us under $2000 USD.

Materials List:


The following videos cover most of the build out.

Current Update:

Jan (2019)

Most of what we installed worked out well. We have yet to built a latch for the Hefty Susan, but so far, it doesn’t need one. When we sail, it settles and doesn’t spin at all. We have to install the laminate trim and latches on the drawers under the sink, but they too don’t slide open when sailing. The alcohol stove is working great but not gimballed yet. The faucet doesn’t swing out in rough seas either. Everything pretty much stays in place and works great.

We added some foam weather stripping to the lid of the Hefty Susan to keep water out from drying dishes. A double latch system keeps the Dometic fridge locking in behind the steps that also lock in place. Our old fridge that had the KEC cooler in it will soon be converted into a freezer by adding a Dometic compressor and evaporator plate. We LOVE having the 3 big butcher block cutting boards on the counter. It makes preping food easy and keeps scratches out of the Corian top. We use the one that goes over the sink as our main cutting board and also a swerving platter for crackers and cheese and the like.

As you can see in the photos below, the final details aren’t done just yet, but overall, everything functions quite well and we’re very happy with the overall up grade. Kika even LIKES doing dishes now, with such a large since and easy to operate faucet, it really does make the job go smoothly.

We still need to gimbal the stove and possibly add some more storage above it/behind it for appliances, but we haven’t resolved the design yet, so for now, it’s on hold.