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Stainless Rails

This project has been a long time in the making and we’ve gone through many iterations, we’re still not done yet and have plans to add a solid SS rail atop our stanchions at some point in the future. But here are our thoughts, ideas and concepts.

We will continue to update this project until it’s finished, So if you see something new in a Step or on Patreon relating to lifelines, rails or pulpits, chances are the sketches and ideas to go along with it will be uploaded here.

Concept Sketches

Stanchion Base Concept Model

Current Photos (Jan 2019)

Our current set up kept our original pushpit and pullpit. We added 27” tall 1” diameter 316 Stainless tubes to some pre-made stanchion bases and bimini ends. This built up the stanchion it’s self. We then ran dyneema through the tops and lashed a smaller line at the midpoint. Each base is secured through the deck with 1/4-20 316 SS bolts and though a fiberglass backing plate epoxied to the inner hull.

The entire systems is much more rigid than originally predicted and has served us quite well over the past few months.

We plan to remake our stern pushpit and solar arch along with a new bow pullpit when we return to the USA in March. After that, we’ll decide if we want to add a solid rail to the top of the stanchions or not. The dyneema is OK, but we much prefer the solid feel of a continuous rail.


We spent 2 months in Norfolk VA. One of the major projects on the list was to finally upgrade our poor solar “arch” and rusty bow pulpit. You see, before we could paint the deck, we needed to eliminate as many causes of rust stains as possible, and the largest contributor were all the mismatched welds in our gerry rigged stainless work. We’d been trying and failing to get this project done since we left the USA the first time. Finally everything started to come together. We’d been in contact with Howdy, from Howdy Baily Yacht Services for a few months chatting about ideas and a timeline. When we arrived in Norfolk, he was ready and waiting to get started before the rush of spring projects began.

HERE is the instal video

He did an amazing job and we’re quite thrilled with the final design and Buildout.

Updated album coming soon