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Brandy’s B-Day

Yesterday afternoon we drifted 2 nm to the east and found a nice spot to anchor off the East tip of Treasure Cay. The wind is light so anchoring out exposed wasn’t so bad. There was a bit of swell rolling in from the NE but was well worth because this morning we woke up the most beautiful water we’ve seen in a very long time. 

Today is the 23rd of December 2018 and it’s our friend Brandy’S (From Sailing Saoirse) birthday. So, this morning Kika and I made birthday hats out of old charts and surprised Brandy with loud happy birthday music and Kika made her a bracelet. 

We they set off hats on head to the nearest island and got some great drone shots of dolphins playing on the shallow sand back. After which, we puttered over to Don’t Rock and swam with about 60 Baracuda and snagged a lobster for lunch. The water was quite cold, but SOOOO clear that it was totally worth the swim. 

After our swim we headed to Whale Cay for to cook up our catch, but the bugs we so bad we danced around the fire until lunch was ready, ate it quickly and headed back out in the dingies. We went north to the tip of Whale Cay hoping to get some dinner and managed to grab 2 more lobster and a small Mutton Snapper before chugging back to the boats watching a beautiful sunset.  

We finished up the night over on Saoirse with the lobster in a nice Avacado salad and the fish fried up on the stove in delicious dill lemon butter sauce.  

Tomorrow the wind is supposed to fill in a bit and we may have to move since we’re quite exposed out here.  


LOCATION: Don’t Rock

N 26° 40.724

W 77° 15.523






3m @ MLW