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Christmas Special + New Motor

It’s Christmas!!! Last night, I retrieved our new 15hp Yamaha motor form our friends boat and installed in on Coco with a nice little bow while Kika was asleep.  

This morning, when Kika woke up, I gave her a little wrapped box with the kill cord in it. It took a minute for it to settle in, but once she figured out what it was for, she quickly and thoroughly FREEKED OUT!!

You see, our current 5hp Mercury outboard has been dying a slow and painful death these past few weeks. A new motor has been in the plans for awhile now, but not for another month or two. So it was a very welcome surprise to get it early. 

We then made bread in our new GOSUN Grill and ate a delicious breakfast of bacon, sweet potatoes, eggs etc. Christmas bread is a bit of a tradition for Kika’s family, but without her super secret family recipe, we had to get by with Pilsburry’s version.  

After breakfast, and topping up the new tank with gas, we were off to film our traditional Christmas special. We decided to motor back 8 miles to Treasure Cay to shoot us bombing around on with the new motor over some of the most beautiful water we’d ever seen. It was a long and bumpy ride with large swell and big wind waves, but we made it there and back and it was all well worth it. 

Kika did smack her head pretty hard when we bounced over a wave, but we got it on film, so it was totally worth it ;) I feel a bit bad though, she did bite her lip pretty hard.  

Overall and awesome Christmas. We’re eating soup now and watching Black Sails, then off to bed. Tomorrow’s another day.  



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W 77° 07.162