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Work Day

We’ve had a blast these last few days, but today we had to get down to business. Last night we ran out of water, so I topped up the tanks with the spare 12G we keep in jerry cans. This morning after breakfast I hopped in the Coco and headed around the corner to Orchid Bay Marina to get some more water. $0.38/G, not bad concidering we only use about 20G a week, so what is that, a dollar a day? And that’s the most expensive water in the Caribbean. In the BVI’s in was $0.16/G and most places we found it to be free.  

After messing around with our new Iridium GO for awhile and working on our website and other online ventures, I needed to get some real boat projects checked off. Nothing major, but a few things that have been bugging me.  

First was splicing dyneema loops onto the boom to keep the reefing lines from falling on deck when slack. Also trimming the reefing lines to the proper length. I left them long originally to make sure I didn’t cut them too short at the beginning. Now the entire reefing system is clean and tidy and a breeze to use. We LOVE having the 3 reefs in our main and the new system with clutches to put them in. We reef all the time and it makes sailing so much more enjoyable.  

The other task on the list was to resplice one of the low friction loops for our boom vang. The first round of dyneema stretched enough that it was bottoming out and I needed to shorten the main attachment to the boom. Now the vang has good travel and adjustment.  

The rest of the day I took a nap. Kika was editing. It blowing pretty hard outside and it’s still on the cold side so staying indoors was the right choice.  

Time for dinner, Black Sails and bed. Tomorrow we’re taking Beau and Brandy day sailing on Uma to show them a few tips we’ve picked up about sailing without a motor. 


LOCATION: Great Guana Cay

HOLDING: Grass and Sand