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Under Water Lights

Pretty straight forward day today.

Took one last hot shower before leaving the dock at noon. For only our 6th or 7th time docking, I must say, it gets easier each time. No drama, clean exit. Since we were only going a half mile around the corner, Kika took Coco and I sailed under reefed genoa the entire way—anchoring under sail.

We use our motor so little these days, it’s just easier to sail on and off the hook. It is nice to have though, for docking I suppose.

I also re wired our fridge to run on our 12V system so we can shut the inverter off unless we’re charging our laptops. That should help us keep about 5-6A each day. Might help keep the batteries charged. Also wired up our underwater lights while I was in there.

Yes, we have underwater lights, courtesy of Just Catamarans. A little gift from them while we were hauled out getting our bottom painted. Pretty sweet really! Blue and white. They’re quite bright, can’t wait to be in calm water and turn them on at night and watch all the fishies swim by.

LOCATION: Great Guana Cay (Bay in front of Grabbers)


HOLDING: Grass and Sand