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A Normal Day

Last night we ran out of water. We really need to check our tanks more often and keep an eye on water levels. So, first thing on the list today was to head into the marina and get a few gallons so we can at least wash dishes. On our way in we grabbed some fuel and made a stop at the lighthouse hoping for a tour. But since it was Sunday, it was closed. After grabbing 60L of water and dropping off our trash, we headed back out to Uma. 

On the way, we stopped at Saoirse to see if they wanted to go spear fishing later that afternoon. It was a go. 

We dumped the water in our tanks and grabbed our spears and fins. 

With 4 people in Coco, we can’t quite get up on a plane. 3 is fine, but 4 is just a bit too much. I think if we added dolphin wings to the lower end of the motor we may be able to. So, the 3 mile ride over to the cut was a little slow. When we got there, we tossed the anchor it, and jumped in 30-40ft of water. It was a little cloudy, but we saw some pretty cool life, yellow fin tuna, sharks, rays, turtles, barracudas. We spent the afternoon reef hopping back towards Elbow Cay stopping and swimming along the way. About half way back, the sun was starting to fade, so we jumped in some shallower water I snagged 2 Red Snapper and a Lobster for dinner and headed home. 

Our new friends from Faith came over for a boat tour at sunset and then Beau and Brandy came by for dinner. It was amazing! I’ll have to add this to the “recipes” section in the vault, but I came up with a DELICIOUS way to cook Kale and it’s really simple. 

Cut up half an onion a little oil and a handful or two of Kale place it in a pan once hot, add a little water and cover with a lid. About half way done cooking add some creamy salad dressing, I used a cracked pepper corn and poppy seed one and it was really, REALLY yummy. 


DEPTH: 1.9m @ MLW

HOLDING: Sand with small grass patches.