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Bikini Photo Shoot with A2 Swimwear

Yesterday (Jan 7th), after visiting the Elbow Cay lighthouse, we pickup up an old high school friend of mine, Alexis. She has her own bikini company called “A2 Swimwear” and has been supplying Kika with bright comfy neoprene swimsuits for close to 2 years now.

Kika and Alexis had never officially met before yesterday, but they have been working on an “UMA Exclusive” line of suits for Alexis to sell on her site. Those were the suits being captured today and will soon be for sale on This winter, Alexis and her family came to spend a few weeks in the Bahamas. This was a perfect opportunity to catch up and snap some good photos for the new line.

We sailed from Hope Town south towards Little Harbour, and anchored behind a lovely little cay about a mile north of Pete’s Pub. A quick dingy ride later we realized Petes’ was closed so we turned back for a wet ride back to Uma. We grabbed some coffee inspired sun downers and headed to the beach to scope out the location for tomorrow’s shoot.

Today, (Jan 8th) we were up early to get to the beach before the sun was up. Alexis wanted the perfect dawn glow for the photoshoot. With coffee and camera in hand, we headed to shore. We then sat and waited until the lighting was just perfect. From there things got hectic. The light was increasing fast, and we needed all the bikini’s captured before the sun broke over the horizon. One suit on, snap, snap, turn, snap “NEXT!” A few minutes later, the sun crested the island behind us and we were done.

After our morning shoot, we hopped in Coco, and headed about 2 miles west into the lagoons that were said to be full of blue holes. We had to go at high tide because when the tile goes out, you can get stranded back there with not enough water to dingy out. We made it in fine, and with the help of satellite images, we found a hole. Turns out it was more of a green murky hole, but still enjoyed ourselves exploring it.

When we first arrived it was a little creepy to see a spiralling current sucking debris into the centre, but after a little investigation, we found it really wasn’t strong enough to suck us in. After that, we enjoyed a few dives exploring such a foreign world. Seeing large, ocean fish so far from the ocean is such a shallow estuary was incredible.

The surrounding area was only 2-3 feet deep and full of rays and turtles. You could see them swim away from the dingy with the drone.

On our way out, we stopped in a very shallow sandy section before heading back to Uma. It was quite the experience. The water there was crystal clear and we had the entire place to ourselves… I knew what both Alexis and Kika were thinking “Perfect spot for a quick photoshoot”

Mid afternoon, we headed back to the boat, dumped the SD cards and Alexis’s parents came on their powerboat to pick her up and headed back to Hope Town to finish their winter vacation.

It was fun having a guest and good friend come visit us, even if was only for 2 days.


N 26° 21.335’

W 76° 59.162’

DEPTH: 5-6m