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A Perfect Day

Today, we were, becalmed. It was forecasted to be so, and we planned accordingly. Rather than being stuck in Spanish Wells, in murky water, surrounded by fishing boats, we were anchored in a secluded cut, just us for miles around and enjoyed the day in our personal play ground.

Around 10am we headed west through a tiny cut in the cay and into the ocean. Normally it would be quite rough on that side, but today it was perfect. We used satellite images to find what looked like an interesting coral reef in about 60’ of water, tossed the anchor over the side, donned our wetsuits and jumped in. It sure is nice having 3 mil wet suits as the water isn’t exactly warm, neither is the air above the surface. We could go for a swim without them, but in order to relax and spend hours in the water, we need to be warm.

After a few test dives to get back into the rhythm of free diving, we pushed to the bottom and the peace found there is second to none. For a few brief seconds nothing in the world matters but your heart beat and thoughts. It’s the most peaceful experience and one I can only imaging takes years of practice meditating to achieve something similar above the surface. For us, it is our mediation, our zen.

We spent a little while longer exploring in the Coco, before heading back to the boat. We packed up some supplies and the fish I speared yesterday and headed to the beach. As the sun was setting, the colour on the water was purely magical. Dinner was delicious as always. We sat there for awhile longer watching the stars get brighter and the lights from Nassau illuminate the clouds on the horizon.

It was a truly perfect end to a perfect day.


N 25° 19.053

W 76° 51.229

HOLDING: Sand/Grass

DEPTH: 5-6m