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Smooth Sailing to The Glass Window

This morning, the calm subsided making way to a light westerly breeze. Before we could leave, I climbed the mast to instal our new anchor light and replace ours which was dimming by the day. Then the wind filled in a little more and clocked more westerly, just enough to weigh anchor and sail out of the tiny cut we were anchored in. An hour or so later, the wind filled in a little more and we turned east on a beam reach towards Glass Window 15 Nm away.

The Glass Window is a bridge between the two islands. Shallow sand of Eluthra bank on the West side and the deep blue of the Atlantic on the East. It was a slow, comfortable sail. Auto pilot held our course the entire way in 10 kts of wind making for a very relaxing sail. So calm in fact that we had the GoSun Grill out on deck baking a lemon cake. Which, soon after baking evaporated.

We made it in to anchor just at last light. The new anchor light is SUPER bright, and the moon illuminated the bridge just enough to make us excited for tomorrow when we go explore it.


N 25° 19.053

W 76° 51.229

HOLDING: Sand/Grass

DEPTH: 5-6m