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Exploring the Glass Window

From our boat, we could see the bridge last night as the light faded. This morning after breakfast, we packed our cameras and were off to explore this magical place. We’d seen a photo or two online, but nothing prepared us for how amazing it truly was.

As we motored closer, the waves crashed through and foamy waterfalls cascaded down into the crystal clear blue pool of the Eleuthera Bay. We spend a good half hour sitting and drifting in Coco watching the magic unfold in front of us.

We then beached the dink on a nearby spit of sand and slowly scrambled along the sharp rocks towards the bridge. Approaching from under the bridge we still couldn’t really get a feel for the overall beauty of this place, but man those wave crashing though are powerful. I hid myself under the bridge and launched the drone while Kika gathered shots of the surroundings. From the sky, you can really see to contrast between the two drastically different shades of blue. It’s truly a sight to see.

The bridge it’s self was under repair while we were there. Jack hammers and cement trucks could be heard when the waves we calm. It seems to be a very difficult thing to keep in good repair. I imagine ever time a nasty storm blows though, waves tatter and crash hard agains any structures built there. The bridge is a collage of many different repairs. Cracks, rust, patches of different colour concrete and different textures of stone work are definitive signs this bridge has weathered the best of them. But, since it is the only road connecting north and south islands, it must be repaired each time.

It’s a truly amazing place, and I’m glad we are in no hurry so we could spend most of the day exploring the area.

Tomorrow we sail south.


N 25° 26.173

W 76° 36.533