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Taking a Dip in The Queen's Bath

Well, we’re not sailing today. A patron read our blog from yesterday and recommended we check out a near by spot called “The Queen’s Bath”. So this morning, after a quick google search, we headed to the beach. A bit of a disorganized scramble later, and we found ourselves standing on the tops of a cliff looking down over a truly awe inspiring sight.

Words can’t begin to describe how amazing this place is. We got there before noon and we had the place to ourselves. The sun was directly overhead and the variation in colours were magnificent. We burnt through all 3 drone batteries (Yes, thats almost an hour of flying) before some more tourists started trickling in.

The tide was low when we arrived and the waves we calm considering it was blowing 15-20 out of the east, directly into the cove. It’s absolutely amazing to see the power of such large waves press closer and closer, rise up, crash down into the rocks and the splash up and spray the flat area, the ripples slowly spread towards your feet and what was once a magnificent force of nature now barely disturbs the water we were standing in.

We stayed for hours and watch people come and go, but with the tide rising, the waves we’re getting more and more violent. The sun was setting and we started to get kind of cold. So we packed up our gear and started the hike back to the beach.

Thanks again Bill for the recommendation, we never would have known about this place if it wasn’t for you.