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Calmest sail to Hatchet Bay

This morning, after some delicious banana pancakes, Kika had to finish editing our next step so we could upload it this afternoon when we arrived to Hatchet Bay and had faster cell signal. So, while she edited, I got us under way. It was only a 9 mile sail to Hatchet. The fist third was a calm beam reach in 10-12kts of wind. Then we turned a few points to windward and started healing over as the wind increased to 17kts. Time for a fist reef.

Since upgrading our reefing system in the US this past summer, reefing is easier than ever now—especially with autopilot. From thought to completion took 2 minutes, solo.

  1. Hit auto

  2. Ease the mainsheet til luffing

  3. Drop the main halyard and attach the the first reef point tack on the pigtail

  4. Pull in tight the first reef line

  5. Hoist main sail and cleat off halyard

  6. Return to cockpit and haul in the main sheet and trim

  7. Return to mast to tidy up the reefing lines and halyard

That took longer to write the steps out that it did to actually put the reef it. The rest of the sail was equally flat seas, but we were healed over in 15-20kts of wind. It was a great little sail. Hatchet Bay is a very well protected harbour, and, since the wind is predicted to clock out of the West for the next few days, we figured it will be the perfect spot to tuck ourselves in and wait it out.

When we approached the entrance, we knew sailing in wouldn’t be an option, the wind was blowing hard right through the cut, and it was too narrow to tack. But, that’s why we have a motor. It’s the first time we’ve used our motor since leaving White Sound 5 weeks ago. Kika hoped in the dink to get some shots of motoring in, while I dropped the sails and began pushing though the cut. It’s a beautiful cut, narrow and short. Easy to navigate and the bay on the other side is quite deep with plenty of space to anchor. Full throttle, I got Uma up to 6 kts against a 15 kt wind. So that’s not bad at all.

After anchoring, I flew the drone and got some nice shots of the bay and the cut. It’s amazingly calm in the bay. Quite excited for the next few days and not having to worry about being in an exposed anchorage.


N 25° 21.006

W 76° 29.563


HOLDING: Good? Didn’t dive on the anchor and it’s too deep to see, but it held strong when we backed up on it. It’s a Rocna, so what do you expect.