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New Years Eve

Today is New Years Eve. We had intended to stay in Marsh Harbor for a few days. We had several things to do in town and a few projects we wanted to catch up on. But, things don’t always go to plan.

But first things first. We headed into town to stock up on some much needed fresh foods. We haven’t been shopping since we left Florida 4 weeks ago. We wandered into Maxwell’s and picked up some veggies, fruit, meats and a few other tasty bits. We found Lobster Tails for $23 for 2!!! Man that’s crazy, we at 12 lobsters in one day when we were over at “the nude beach” (Which wasn’t actually a nude beach and was full of sand flies. But I suppose any beach in the Bahamas is a nude beach if you’re the only people there)

I digress. We also popped over to an Ace Hardware and picked up a Hawaiian sling and a little dingy anchor. With our shopping done and the wind filling in, we decided to sail over to Hope Town to meet up with an old high school friend who was flying in with her family for the holidays.

It was a lovely sail, we even passed a few charter monos that were motoring and we had full sails up slipping along at 6-7kts.

We were planning on anchoring to the west of the Parrot Cays since the depths are better there, but ended up pushing in a bit closer since the light was ok and we were at high tide so we squeezed in towards the light house, anchored and watched a beautiful sunset—the last one of 2018.

Later that night we took Coco into the harbor and MAN was it packed. Boats on top of boats all on mooring, barely enough space to take the dingy through. We visited with my friend for a few hours and then went back to the boat to watch the fireworks. It was, overall, a great end to a fantastic year.

This time last year, we were in Santa Marta Columbia and this time next year, we aim to be entering the Mediterranean Sea.