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Crazy Winter Front Hits HARD!

The morning was sunny and warm. We were invited over to our new friends boat for breakfast. They also have a YT channel, ‘Sailing Uncertainty’ so it was fun to chat about they lifestyle. We returned to our boat around 11am and started baking brownies in the GoSun. Soon after we felt a few drops of rain. So, we poked our heads out to see what was going on. A dark cloud on the horizon made it clear the edge of the front was moving in.

The rain started first, heavy, huge drops. Then the leading edge hit with force. 40+kts of wind, probably gusting harder along with heavy, HEAVY rain. It was crazy. There were about 12 boats in the bay and everyone’s heads poked out into their cockpits. Half wondering if THEY were dragging, half waiting for someone else to. A few fired up their motors and powered against it. As far as we could tell, no one dragged, at least not far enough to notice. I should also mention that every boat in the bay was a cruising boat and most had proper ground tackle. The strong wind was over in a matter of minutes and then it just rained. It continued to rain well past sunset.

Christian and Sanja from Sailing Uncertainty came over for a “sun downer” even though it was pouring. True sailors. We ate some brownies and chatted about future plans. By the time they left. the rain had stopped and the super moon was shining bright!

Hatchet Bay was the perfect place to ride out this front. Glad we saw it coming and decided to move early.

LOCATION: Hatchet Bay

N 25° 21.006

W 76° 29.563