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Sailing to Rock Sound

We woke up this morning to lighter more northerly winds and a clear sky. With the wind predicted to clock east and increase in the following days, now was our window to push south to Rock Sounds—a 36 mile sail. We didn’t even eat breakfast, the covers came off the sails, Coco was tied off the back, a few dishes were stowed and we were off sailing.

No motor this time, we sailed off anchor with the main up and it was a nice down wind shot right out the cut. A mile later we turned south and rolled out the genny. With full sails and the sun shining it was quite comfortable. We even tried out the wind pilot feature of our new auto pilot since we were almost running dead down wind. It did a great job keeping us on course and keeping the genny filled. Not an easy task when 5° difference and the main blocks the headsail and it luffs and bangs creating a terrible racket. There weren’t any shallows or tricky coral heads in our way, it was just a nice relaxing sail.

Perhaps too relaxing. We spent most of it singing and being…well, us. A little crazy, but who cares, it’s just us and the sea…and the camera.

We arrived in rock sounds and started tacking into the anchorage. Typical. We seem to always be tacking into our anchorages, and with 20kts of wind it was quite the show I’m sure. We’ve grown so used to sailing and tacking in and around other boats we don’t think twice about it, but when everyones heads start poking out into their cockpits to see what’s going on, we realize it’s not a normal sight.

Once anchored, we hopped in Coco and headed to Frigates Bar for a bit of a date night, burgers and beers were a welcome end to a pretty perfect day of sailing.

LOCATION: Rock Sound

N 24° 51.581

W 76° 9.745

DEPTH: 2.5m @MLW