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Swimming in an Ocean Hole

Rock Sound is a large bay near the bottom of Eleuthera. It’s almost too big. If the wind clocks around and increases, you’d be better off moving to the other side of the bay, that staying where you are since the chop has more than a mile of open water to build up. We spent the last few days hunkered down on the boat riding out some heavy winds and rain. But today, it was finally sunny and warm, so we headed into town.

First stop, laundry. It has been more than a month since we did laundry last. We normally just wear the same cloths and jump in for a swim. After which, we do a fresh water rinse, hang them up and once dry, wear them a gain. But after a month, our sheets and towels start to smell funky along with heavier sweaters and such. Luckily the town here has a great laundromat.

While Kika stayed at the laundromat, I want back and filled up our dingy gas. With the new motor, we’re using Coco, MUCH more than we used to. Exploring is now fun. Going further out to free dive, catch dinner, visit friends or head to a beach are all so much more enjoyable. But, it means we’re filling up our 20L tank about every 2-3 weeks.

After our laundry was done, we dropped it off at the boat and headed back to explore a cool feature of the town. About a half mile inland from the beach, there is an ocean hole. You can see it clear as day on satellite images since it’s quite large. It 600 feet deep and connects to the ocean though some 300,000 year old tunnels. The water is surrounded by a 15 ft high cliff that you can jump or dive off of, and there is ladder and steps so you can get back out. The water was warmer than the ocean and less salty too. We should have brought our soap and shampoo ;)

It was a really neat spot to hang out and enjoy the warm day. The sun was starting to go down, so we headed back to the beach. Kika set up a nice timelapse of all the boats on anchor and I took a few trips back to Uma with some water. There is a pipe near the beach with free water. It’s clean and potable so we took advantage and filled up our tanks.

We had a great time visiting this little town.

LOCATION: Rock Sound, Eleuthera

N 24° 51.679

W 76° 9.702