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Paradise All to Ourselves

The wind was very light this morning. But, with it scheduled to increase and shift by the afternoon, we knew we’d have a great sail to George Town if we timed it just right. We also knew, in order to make it to George Town during daylight, we needed to leave between 4-8pm. So, we had all day, but we also had a plan. At first light, the sails and anchor were up, despite only 4-6kts of wind. We slowly drift sailed out of the bay and towards the sand bank along the west side of the Eleuthera bay.

We’d seen what it looked like on satellite and were excited to check it out for ourselves. The chart along that area were vague since the sand is constantly shifting in the area. But, we knew we’d get there before noon and we would have high tide and good light in our favour.

As we grew closer the wind increased and we had a great sail in. The water was clear and the sand bars clearly visible. We anchored just off a small cay. It was the perfect place to spend the afternoon and wait for the wind to shift. We took Coco to shore and explored the little island. We had the whole place to ourselves. It was nice to be in no hurry, just sit, relax, enjoy the sunshine and each others company. We had no where to be for another 6 hours.

As the sun began to set, the wind had turned out of the north, the tide was falling. We went back to Uma, hauled Coco on deck and pulled up the anchor. We had good light, and the wind and current behind us. The first hour of our sail was though the sand banks we had entered earlier. We followed our track back out so we knew we’d have good depth, even though the light was fading. Just as the sun went below the horizon, the depth fell off and we once again, in open ocean. It will be our first overnight sail since leaving Mexico 8 month ago. The wind was steady from behind, the seas we calm, it should be a nice sail.

LOCATION: Schooner Cay

N 24° 53.615

W 76° 22.070