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Our First Overnight Passage in 8 Months

The sunrise this morning was the perfect end to calm and relaxing overnight passage, and an equally perfect beginning to a great day sailing into George Town. Don’t worry, we didn’t skip the Exumas. But, with limited time here in the Bahamas, we decided to shoot as far south as we’d be sailing, then the sail back to the USA would be mostly down wind, rather than taking the whole way. That is why we waited for the weather we did to sail south from Eleuthera.

The first half of the night was filled with bright stars. The wind was 10-15 on our port quarter. I took the first watch while Kika slept below. The wind was steady and the seas were quite mild since it had been totally calm only hours before. We love riding the front edges of wind shifts. A little choppy at first, but hen the seas are calm since they haven’t had a chance to build up yet. Tonight was no different.

As the the moon began to rise, so did Kika and around midnight, we switched watch. I slept comfortably below for a few hours before returning on deck to take over for the sunrise watch. Kika has a hard time staying awake for too long when it’s dark, and I don’t mind nights, as long as I get a little rest in between. Then, once the sun is up, I usually sleep more during the day and Kika keeps watch.

This morning however, we reached George Town a little after sunrise. Well, sort of. The problem was, we were on the ocean side of the island. We chose to overshoot and enter with the wind behind us, rather than tacking into the sun and around unfamiliar reefs. However, the wind began to clock onto our nose a little earlier than predicted, so we ended up taking the last few hours to make it into the cut. Then, as we turned and began our down wind approach, the wind pretty much died entirely.

So, down wend the headsail and main sail and we fired up the old iron genn…..NOPE! We dropped our sails and hoisted the spinnaker! The wind was blowing about 5-6 kts and we were doing 4kts down wind. It was super calm seas and we were having a great sail in. It was even calm enough to fly the drone! Something we’d never done while sailing before.

We sailed into the anchorage under the spinnaker and onto anchor. By this time, it was around 4pm so after everything was tidy on deck, we went below and just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

LOCATION: George Town

N 23° 30.894

W 75° 45.279