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All my hard work, Gone in a Flash

Let me explain. I have a 3 pronged spear head I use to get lobster, the problem is, sometimes, if I’m not careful they slip off the back and disappear wounded. This is no good for the lobster or me. So I spent the better part of this morning modifying the spear head with extra barbs and grinding in ridges to help keep the lobster stuck on the spear and not be able to escape wounded. I even attached the spear head to an old arrow shaft I had lying around and secured some latex rubber tube so I now had a dedicated lobster spear.

Of course, I wanted to try it out and see if all my modifications made a difference, so, I hopped in Coco and headed out to the nearest reef. A spent 20-30 minutes diving the first spot, but didn’t see any lobster, so I tossed the lobster spear in the tender and grabbed the Hawaiian sling to try to get some of the larger fish swimming around. But after another 20 min or so, couldn’t get close enough to snag one. So back in the tender I went. Pulled the anchor and motored off to another spot.

A few seconds after leaving I realized, my lobster spear wasn’t in the tender. But I was already to far from where I was diving to go back and look for it. It was a maze of coral heads and I had no idea where I had anchored moments earlier, besides, it could have fallen out after leaving. The search area was too large to go back a look for it. All that hard work, was gone without me even noticing.

After that, I continued to hunt for lager fish out on the reefs in about 10m of water. I saw a few bar jack, but not large enough to spear and many Nassau Grouper, but they’re out of season, so I had to swim on past.

With no luck out in the deeper water, I headed back into shallower reefs close to the little islands in the bay. There I found a few good sized lobster. But, since I didn’t have my lobster spear, I had to use the Hawaiian sling, which, to my surprise worked even better. You see, the flapper on the top goes through the lobster and flips out stopping it from swimming backwards and escaping. So it turns out, I don’t need a dedicated lobster spear after all. Although, I do need to find some stronger rubber for the Hawaiian sling, it’s not powerful enough to go after larger, further out fish. Man I wish I could use the spear gun.