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A 1 mile sail.

High tide this morning was around 9am. So with it, we hoisted sail and anchor and continued north along the protected side of Lee Stocking Cay. We had planned to sail to the norther tip 3 miles away, but after rounding the first point, we saw a beautiful anchorage and in it, a boat we met back in the Abaco’s. So we pulled over to spend the day with our friends on SV Faith.

We found a nice trail leading up to the top of the hill with a great view of the anchorage and the ocean side. On the lee side of the island the wind was much more calm than the windward side. So much so, that it was actually hot. We enjoyed a bit of a swim and collected wood for that night. Eric Mia and Maya from Faith joined Davy and Erica from Barefoot and and us for a potluck bonfire on the beach. Another family from SV Sunshine even joined in. It turned out to be quite a feast! Sweet potatos, onions, ribs, chicken, pasta salad, coconut water and one Brat. We ate it all! The cruising community is such a wonderful group of people—one big family.