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Kika's Birthday and Lee Stocking Ghost Town

Today is Kika’s Birthday! This morning we took a quick walk over to the ocean side to watch the waves crash against the cliffs. It was quite impressive. The wind had been blowing pretty hard form the NE for the past few days, so there was a huge swell. We sat there for an hour or so, just watching the waves and appreciating where we are in life.

We headed back to the boat for breakfast. “Sun and Moon” eggs as Kika calls them. Then we hoisted sail and lifted the anchor to move 2 miles north. On the Northern tip of Lee Stocking Island is an abandoned ocean research facility. We spent to remainder of the days wandering around this eerie ghost town with our friends Davey and Erica. It’s our last day here in Lee Stocking and our last day with our friends on Barefoot 2. Tomorrow we sail to Staniel Cay.

But, while Kika took her afternoon nap, I rounded up the anchorage for a potluck dinner on Uma and when she woke up, she received a happy birthday song over the VHF radio from the dinghies all coming to wish her a happy birthday and share some wine and spaghetti.