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A Week in George Town

Our week in George Town has been hectic. So much going on and one day blurring into the next. Instead of writing about each day, I’ll just summarize everything we did this week. From floating pole dancing, to Kika almost winning a poker game—it’s been quite a week to say the least.

After sailing into the anchorage under spinnaker, we found a nice spot between two beaches and dropped the hook. Then, we slept. Usually after a passage, weather it’s an overnight or a week at sea, the first day on anchor is pretty chill. We sleep, eat and relax. We made it. We take it all in before stressing too much about what we’ll actually be doing while we’re there.

GT is an interesting place, pretty much the HUB of the cruising community for the Bahamas. Many cruisers stop here as their last place before heading back to the States, or as a place to wait for a good window to cross to the DR or the rest of the Caribbean. We are anchored about a mile across from the main town, in front of a place called “Chat and Chill” THIS is where everything happens. Dozens of activities a day makes this place extra popular. Weirdly enough, even though there are more than 200 boats anchored in the bay at the moment, because this is a very long anchorage, it doesn’t even look full.

The dinghy dock in George Town (GT from now on) has free water, and do we took our jugs in to top off our tanks and grab some odds and end from the market.

The second day, we met our new friends Davy and Erica (on Barefoot Two.) We’d be chatting with them for a few weeks, planning our time in GT. It was nice to finally meet them in real life. That night we hung out at a bonfire and just enjoyed the day.

The following morning, they came over for coffee (maybe some white wine) and we had a fun afternoon of circusing (yeah, that’s a word now) around. We set up our whisker pole on the end of our spinnaker pole and Erica showed us some pole dancing moves. Kika (being used to doing Silks) was quick to catch on. Davy and I….not so much ;) Then, we ate some brownies cooked on the GoSun and set up Kika’s silks. It was a grand time to say the least. By the end of the day, we were exhausted and wet from falling in the water.

Somewhere along the line, we were invited to play in the weekly Texas Hold Um Poker game. Erica and I (being the observant type) watched as Kika (who had never played poker before) beat Davy and went on to the final table, where she held her own and went out 4th to last. Not bad, not bad at all.

We ended our week with a quick hike up to Monument Rock. Davy and Erica had been there before, so they let the way. Just after beaching Coco, we walked up and over a large flat rock like surface. It appeared to be solid granite. But, we later discovered it to be compact sand in a hexagon formation. Davy told us to pick some up and carry them a few more steps down the back side of the hill. We didn’t know why, but followed his direction. As soon as we crested the hill, it all made sense. Stretched out before us, was a hug sand flat, and on it, spelled out with these compressed sand rocks were boat names from all those who visited before us. It was hard to comprehend exactly what we were looking at from the ground, so we headed up the jungle path to the top of the hill where the tall concert monument marked GT as a safe harbour. From there, you could see just how vast the field of names below us truly was. We quickly launched the drone and shot some epic views of this unique site. And of course, we added UMA to the registry.

LOCATION: George Town

N 23° 30.894

W 75° 45.279