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Sail from GT to Rat Cay

We left George Town today. We convinced our friends on Barefoot Two to come with us for a few days. They wanted to try out their new main sail skills. So, we left and sailed about 10 miles north. We were going against the flow. Not the current, but the flow of other sailboats coming south for the regatta. We must have passed 2 dozen at least.

The cut back into the island chain was very narrow and a 2 kt current was still coming out. But, the wind was from behind and blowing hard, so we pushed though without much drama. Once inside, the water calmed down significantly. Although, there was still a rather large swell making it past the reefs and cays. We set a swell bridal to hold our bow into the it which helped a bit. But it was still rather uncomfortable.

We tried spearing dinner and I managed to snag a relatively large lobster in the middle of the cut we came in though. It was deep, and the current was stills strong, so I only found the one. Before the sun went down, we joined Davy and Erica on the beach to watch the sunset. It was spectacular. There was a tiny spit of sand connecting the two cays and the ocean crashed in on one side and the swell broke on the other, and the little waves just barely kissed in the middle. It was a magical little spot.