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Perfect Spot to Wait out the Weather

Last night was a bit rough. The swell continued to roll in all night. The wind had picked up a bit and was blowing on our beam so we didn’t get much air in the v-birth which made for a hot night. So, as soon as the tide allowed us, we were off in search of a better spot to spent a few days waiting out this blow.

Barefoot Two went first across the bar just behind the anchorage. The charts said it would be possible, but you never really know. Sand shifts all the time. We waiting until they were safely across before we hoisted the main, hauled in the anchor and charged down wind across it too. On the other side we found a deep channel going around the back side of Rat Cay. We thought we might anchor on the other side but once we rounded the corner, we were met by the same pesky swell rolling in. So, we rolled out the genny and pushed north in search of a clam spot. With no real waves to slow us down, we were busting along at 8.5 kts on a beam reach in 20kts of wind.

Not long after we were tucked in just behind a little point on the north side of Children’s Bay Cay. Calm spot. Finally. Only 2 other boats. We passed a beautiful little bay on the way in. To shallow to anchor, but we took the tenders back in the afternoon to explore the lovely beach and make a fire. At the end of the beach was a huge pile of cleared brush. Pre-cut firewood! How nice. It was a beautiful sunset and a great fire. We even played a round of “Sandy Holes” with conch shells instead of ping pong balls.