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2 Months of Boat Work

We spent a little over 2 month in Salt Ponds Marina tackling a very long list of boat projects in preparations for our sail North. Some we’re short and took only a few minutes, some were much MUCH longer. I can’t possible go into details about every single one. But, the major projects will all get their own segment in the “Projects” Tab to the left. The big ones will be covered in our videos too.

Here is a list of the majority of the projects we finished in no particular order:

  1. New Mast winches

  2. New Main and Jib Halyards

  3. Remove Spinaker Pole

  4. Rope Clutches for all halyards

  5. Replace Gerry Cans

  6. Wood Storage

  7. Replace Alcohol Stove Knob

  8. Seal Windvane from Outside

  9. Galley Drawer Trim

  10. Cut Down Cabinet Under Sink

  11. Galley Latches

  12. V-Cleats for Lazy Jacks

  13. PVC Cover for Lazy Jack Blocks

  14. Spreader tip covers

  15. Chain Locker Hatch

  16. Cabin Top Rails

  17. Wire Bow Nave Lights

  18. Move Aft Nav Light

  19. Moon Locker Latch

  20. Remove Head Faucet

  21. Glue Head tiles

  22. Head Door catch

  23. Electronics Pannel Acrylic Covers

  24. Head Latches

  25. Move Fruit Hammock

  26. Cover Back of Electronics Panel in Cockpit Locker

  27. Build Shelf above autopilot

  28. Instal Reading Lights

  29. Switches for Shower Pump and Light in Head

  30. Make net for stbd locker

  31. Hinge freezer/hefty Susan

  32. Paint Port Locker

  33. Instal Freezer

  34. Pad Outboard Locker

  35. Reefing Pig Tail

  36. Drill Larger Weep Hole in Bilge

  37. Clean Out Bilge

  38. Check Batteries

  39. Build Stove Cupboard 

  40. Instal Outlet by Stove

  41. Companion Way Handle

  42. Bracket for Antennas on Solar Arch

  43. Cut Companion Way in Half and add retention track

  44. Goose Neck

  45. Sew Tethers

  46. Stack Pack

  47. Roller Drum Rope Retention

  48. Vent v-birth Mattress

  49. Cape Horn Control Lines

  50. Cockpit Cushion

  51. Bimini Connector

  52. SS Bar for Chimney

  53. Plumb salt water deck fitting

  54. Instal Microwave 

  55. Move Boom Vang Bolt

  56. Polish stainless 

  57. Varnish Head

  58. Plumb head pump

  59. Program AIS

  60. Glue top door track on stbd locker

  61. Cut Down Bulkhead by freezer

  62. Instal Windex Blue Tooth Puck

  63. Instal AIS GPS Puck

  64. Cut Down and Trim Tool Drawer

  65. Wire Nav desk Chart Plotter

  66. Trash can spot

  67. New Dodger

  68. Stainless Solar Arch

  69. Stainless Bow pulpit

  70. Move Capehorn Support Brackets

  71. Paint shiny bit on topsides

  72. Paint Nonskid on Deck

  73. Instal Wood Stove

  74. Grab Rail in hall

  75. Baskets for Gloves and Hats etc by Stove

  76. Instal Jacklines

  77. Fabricate and Instal Roller Furller Drum Cage

  78. Build Outboard haul Line

  79. Clean Cockpit Lockers

  80. Built out sliding drawer for Stove

  81. Gymbal Stove

  82. Clean mildew off Ceiling

  83. Cut Pantry lid in Half

  84. Wire Radio and Electronics onto distribution bar

  85. Add larger Raceway to Cockpit Wiring

  86. Wire Arch to new Distribution Bar

  87. Instal New sails

  88. Stow old Sail under v-birth

  89. Splice Dyneema loops for Reefing Line Boom Attachment

  90. Instal LFR’s for Spinnaker Sheets and Tack