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A Special Trip to BC

This week turned out to be extra special for so many reasons!

We made it to Halifax and spent a few days clearing in, and planing a quick trip out to BC to visit my parents. Kika has met my mom a few times, but never met my dad, and she’s never visited where I grew up in BC. So, while in Canada, and before we sailed across to Europe, we figured it was a good idea to pop over for a visit.

We spent the week hiking to waterfalls, exploring the town I grew up in and spending a few relaxing days in the mountains. My family helps run a small backcountry chalet and I spent a good amount of my childhood exploring those very mountains. Kika fit right in, like she was born in those mountains too. One morning I took her on a long hike to one of my favourite places, along the way, the clouds rolled in and it started to hail. Yes HAIL at 7000ft. It was about 7°C and along the back sides of the slopes was quite a bit of leftover slow. Kika could barely feel her fingers, but amongst the rain, hail, and cold, there she was sliding down the snow having the time of her life. We made it up to my favourite spot, just as the clouds parted and a sliver of sun beamed down on us. Revealing a beautiful view down the gorge to the lakes below and onto the valleys and peaks beyond. We made a small rock cairn to mark the spot. As a joke, Kika would sometimes tell me that I could give her a rock as gift and she would still love it. So just before it started raining again, I got down on one knee and pulled a small wood box out of my pocked carved in the shape of a small smooth stone. In it, was my great grandmothers pearl ring. We’ll, you guys get the picture. She said yes of course!!

We spent the next few minutes just taking in the beauty of it all and before the hail started up again, we started our decent back to the cabin.

The next day it was beautiful and sunny, so before we hiked out, we made a detour up the peak that we attempted the day before, but was stopped by the weather. We climbed up a landmark peek nearby and we both blown away by the view at the top. It’s truly spectacular! After a few hours at the top, we began to make our way back down the mountain and start our 10km hike back out. It’s always sad to leave such a magnificent place, but I’m glad I finally got to share it with Kika.

We fly back to Halifax tomorrow, then back to the sailing life. It was a real joy to take a week long “vacation” and spend it in such a magical place, with such an amazing person.