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NYC to Halifax (June 27-July 4)

I know, I know, it’s been awhile since our last post. We spent our time in NYC recovering from all the work we did in Norfolk. But we also got quite a bit done, even if we didn’t film it or write about it.

In a nut shell: We applied for and received Kika’s UK visa AND Canadian visa. That is great news, however, the waiting time for the visas changed our plans a bit and we won’t be sailing to Greenland this summer, since we wouldn’t have much time to enjoy if we need to head out of there by winter. But the NEW PLAN is to cross over to the UK this coming August, and do Iceland and Greenland next summer instead. I accidentally crashed our drone into the Hudson, after getting some AMAZING shots of the city and the Statue of liberty. I threw out my back and sliced a large chunk off my finger. We edited some videos and took some time to visit family that was in town. We brought Uma to a Marina and had a few patrons over to hangout on the boat. We even stuck around long enough to watch SailGP when they came to town.

Over all we had a great stay in NYC, but today, we’re leaving to sail to Halifax

Thur June 27

Wind very light and variable. Left port Washington… VERY slowly. It’s suppose to be very light today and tomorrow. Then the wind should fill in.

Friday June 28

Light day again, we hoisted the spinnaker early in the morning and have had it up most of the day.

Just passing Block Island now at 10:30pm. We’re almost back to Fairhaven where we bought our boat almost 5 years ago. It’s a little nostalgic and kinda cool to think about how far We’ve come. Not sure any one at the yard or the broker would even recognize the boat anymore.

Sat June 29

Still a calm sail. Spinnaker was up all night.

Kept sailing towards Cape Cod Canal. But arrived early so we pulled over for about 2 hrs to wait for favourable current. Fog rolled in, and around 2pm we hoisted sail and anchor and headed into the canal. I think we’ve become quite used to sailing in current and rivers. Although it was foggy, the wind and current were from behind, so we had a very enjoyable sail under the bridges and passed all the boats.

We only motored a few times though wake and chop just to maintain steerage. Other than that, it was a fast sail through. In about 1.5hrs we were out the other side and on towards Provincetown.

We’ve been editing a video these past few days while sailing since it’s so calm and we want to get it uploaded before we spend a few days offshore to Halifax. We also don’t mind a good night sleep after 3 LONG days of slow sailing. We’ll spend the night in a marina so we can top off our water tanks and batteries. Then off to Canada tomorrow.

Sunday June 30

Had a great stay at the marina. Shower, gas, filled water tanks and alcohol stove. Even walked into town and grabbed a bit of fresh produce. Before leaving we met up with our friends on the Impossible Dream again. They are in town for a Portuguese boat blessing ceremony. We even did a sail by on our way out.

Tacked around the point, set The Captain (Cape Horn) and settled in.

We reefed for a nasty line squall building behind us, but it died before we got it. Just a little rain and then calm. the wind picked up in the afternoon. We’re beam reaching along. Already making way toward the UK. Feels good to be sailing east.

Monday July 1


We’re making great time. 20-25kts on the beam, making 6.5-8kts through the water. So far wind forecasts were spot on. The wind should settle a bit tonight and maybe shift a few more degrees behind us, then tomorrow is forecast to be down wind along the SE coast of Nova Scotia. I’m excited to visit Canada. It’s been 6yrs since I last stepped foot in my home country.

Even with good sleep, the second day is always the hardest. Just exhausted all day. Not yet into the routine. Loving the new dodger though. Staying warm and dry behind the port wing.

Wind calmed down in the afternoon. 15kts on the beam. Warm sunny day. Fully charged batteries. Shot off our old flares for Canada day (and practice with the flare gun). It doesn’t get dark until 10pm and first light is just before 3am. So I’ve been taking the whole night watch. 5hrs. Then Kika is up most of the day and I can sleep. I don’t mind.

The stars are out in full force tonight. You can see the Milky Way and some of the planets are so bright they reflect off the surface of the ocean. No moon though. Which is nice on clear night. You can see the stars even better. A bit chilly though. 10°C

Kika: I saw a BREACHING whale today!

it was literally out of the blue. I was on watch for sunset, and Dan was sleeping down below, and I happened to be looking aft as I noticed “something” in the corner of my eye. It was about 1/2 mile away so I wasn’t quite sure what It was …a boat? a buoy ? a dolphin? Whatever it was, I could swear I saw a splash. I couldn’t get a good focus with the binoculars so I grabbed the camera and zoomed in as much as i could. (of course, I press record … just in case) and good thing I did because that “something” happened again. A black pointy tip slowly emerged out of the water then got bigger, and next thing I know, a WHALE revealed it self, and splashed into the ocean.


I waited for another breach, but nothing. it just disappeared. I though well maybe I was imagining things, so I went back to the camera footage, and there it was … clear as day, I had my PROOF of my very first whale sighting.

Tuesday July 2

3:00am. First light. And sight of the Cape Sable light flashing off the port bow. Which means we can see Canada!!!! This trip has been many years in the making and we’re both pretty excited to finally be sailing into these waters. Still 150nm from Halifax. Should make it there tomorrow morning, but just downloaded the recent weather, and it looks like the wind may die early Wednesday morning. Hopefully we get there before then.

With the time zone change, last light is now almost 11:00pm!!! Wind tapered off by 10pm. Very light winds now, but still making 3 kts in the right direction. Tomorrow it may clock to the north, which means close reaching, so we can get our apparent wind up a bit. Hopefully that will be enough to get to Halifax before it’s dark.

Wednesday July 3

Dan: With these short nights, doing longer watch time has been quite enjoyable. When it’s not rough sailing, getting 5-6 hrs of sleep straight is really enjoyable. Then alternating 1-2 hr nap through out the day and before night watch makes it easy to stay awake for another 6+hrs. Being well rested is key to sustaining longer passages.

Wind filled in later in the day. Spinnaker out most of the afternoon. Making good 4-5kts toward Halifax.

Kika: I’ts blowing 8 -10 kts and seas are perfectly flat! the craziest part is that we are still sailing, gliding nicely at 4kts . We are sailing through patches of wind and becalmed sections, and there is such a contrast between the two, it’s looks like rivers in the middle of the ocean, and Uma is quietly gliding through them like a ninja.

We are only 40 miles away from Halifax, which means that we will most likely make our slow entrance in the middle of the night.

11:00pm. Made our turn into Halifax harbour, first thing we noticed, it Smells like pine trees around here. Not a bad First impression from Canada I would say.

Thursday July 4

3:00am anchored up the NW arm in Halifax. We had a slow calm sail into the harbour. Passed a few ships. The moon wasn’t up, but the stars and city light illuminated the water quite well. We seem to always approach a new place at night. But it’s cool. Waking up in the morning is like unwrapping a christmas present with your eyes. We’re both quite tired and the anchorage is very calm with no wind. We’re going to sleep well.

11:00 am, woke up and called into customs to clear in. They want us to move onto a dock so they can come down to the boat, so we pulled over to the Armsdale Yacht Club. 3 officers came down. Very friendly, let us keep the las of our fruit and wine. I guess since we’re not “importing” anything, we just have some for our selves, they didn’t seem to mind one bit.