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Southampton Boat Show Sunset Sails

During the 2019 Southampton International Boat Show in the United Kingdom, we had the pleasure of having our boat featured at the show for the entire 10 days. The days were hectic as dozens of people came each day to visit the boat and get a tour inside. However, at the end of each day, we had the pleasure of getting a few Patrons onboard at the close of each day and headed out on the Solent for a sunset sail. The weather was perfect and the sunsets were phenomenal. But don’t take if from us, here is what one of our Patrons Dominic said about his time onboard Uma:


I went for a sunset sail last night at Southampton boat show aboard Uma. All I can say is if you get the chance, grab it with both hands. It felt a bit like being a fly on the wall in one of the steps. What is different in real time is the detail around the boat and the warmth and energy that Dan and Kika both exude. Uma is beautiful but in truth, an old lady, a little past her prime with some of the shine knocked off the hardware and headboards where the crews relentless refit has not yet reached. The deck and interior are fastidiously tidy and nothing shifted when we started to heel. It is apparent these guys have seriously got their shit together, they waste nothing and will lavish more care, love and attention on Uma as soon as time and money allow.

Also aboard were Bryan and Liz from SV Delos and Nick and Terysa from Ruby Rose. As Ex Pro Crew and father to teenagers addicted to YouTube I couldn’t help wondering if these guys are Sailors or Media Executives. Truth is you cannot slip a cigarette paper between the roles, they are utterly committed to both and the lifestyle has become one. Can I say Bryan epitomizes cool. Time slows down in a bubble around him. I had always imagined him to be 6’2” and 220lbs in truth he is about the same size as Tom Cruise, only cooler.

Dan and Kika have the knack of working the boat through telepathy. They are a team dancing around each other swapping roles without need for discussion or explanation. Needless to say the sail was beautiful and the beer was cold. Uma loves to pick up her skirts and sail, accelerating with every little puff and gust. At one stage confused at how she was able to accelerate right into the eye of the wind Dan pointed out he had the motor on, so quiet was it I had not noticed! The cockpit is a little cosy with 8 but must be perfect with 2 or 4.

I really enjoyed my visit and thank you so much Dan and Kika for your hospitality, your enthusiasm and your all round joi de vie!! Just keep doing what you do, you make the world a better place.



It was a great way to get to know you all and we had a blast. We’ll definitely be looking for opportunities to do this again going forward.